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The Climate Crisis is humanity’s greatest threat, but it’s also our greatest opportunity.  CleanWave shepherds readers through the past, present, and future of cleantech post-pandemic and offers practical tips for those interested in career opportunities, or those curious to learn more.  

Bloomberg New Energy Finance projects that $10 trillion USD will be invested in new clean infrastructure over the next 30 years.  Readers will hear from industry leaders in their own words on topics ranging from personal branding to entrepreneurship to creating an equitable energy transition for everyone.  Understand how clean power fits into the post-COVID19 American recovery and environmental justice. Whether you’re mid-career, currently in school, or a recent grad, the clean energy movement needs talent, and CleanWave provides a clear pathway for entry.

There hasn’t been a definitive book written about Cleantech, specifically for job hunters, since Van Jones’ The Green Collar Economy written in … 2008.  That’s several lifetimes ago in terms of technology advancement.  After all, from 2000 to 2018 US wind and solar energy have increased 4,000% and 55,000% respectively.  CleanWave is the how-to guide I wish would have existed at the beginning of my career as a fresh college grad in 2007.  

The Climate Crisis is and has been very personal to me, and a driving factor in my decision to join the solar industry.  After visiting my father’s former home in Tonga, where the average elevation is less than 10 feet above sea-level, it’s imperative that I do whatever I can to preserve his legacy, and the legacy of my ancestors.  We are all standing on the shoulders of giants, so we might as well align with our passions, make some money and save the world while we’re at it.

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